Procrastinating Will Make You…


Sorry, I couldn’t be bothered to finish that sentence. Procrastination is a tough one, something we all have to battle with at some point or another. Getting down to work can be so off-putting that ‘5 minutes on YouTube’ or ‘Just a quick snack…’ start to take the whole day… Although a big part of beating procrastination is to ‘just get on with it’, there are some strategies which can ease the process, simple strategies: 1. Minimise Distraction Logical enough — you wouldn’t start a diet ... [Continue Reading…]

Afternoon Classes Without Energy? Seriously? Are You For Real?

Sexy Beast

A boring lesson is bad enough, but a boring lesson when you have no energy in the afternoon is deathly. It’s as if someone is trying to torture us. Legally... It doesn’t actually take a miracle to get through the afternoon alive, it’s simple and straightforward. The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t learn to deal with it earlier. There are many ideas to overcome energy lows, and here are 3: Food There’s some truth to the saying ‘You are what you eat’, (I hate to think what some ... [Continue Reading…]

Bored in Lessons?


The teacher’s rambling, the topic is so dry the sahara is wet in comparison and the paint on the wall has never been so fascinating. Welcome to the most boring lesson ever. The subjects we study should be interesting (if not, where did you go wrong..?), but there’s the occasional lesson which drains the life from all living organisms. And the worst thing? The clock says there’s 45 minutes to go… It’s mind-numbing, every students nightmare. In this situation, there are 2 options: 1. ... [Continue Reading…]

7 Ways to Win Teachers and Influence Tutors

Best Teacher

You're late to class. You've forgotten your homework. You can't remember what they just said. Whatever happened – the teacher is mad. Can you relate? It can be embarrassing when you're picked on, shouted at or humiliated by your teacher. That's when you need to avoid their iron hand, and to do that – learn how to win them over and influence their way of thinking. And who said it had to be hard? Take a look: 1. Flatter Them A touch of flattery will go a long way, especially if it's ... [Continue Reading…]

Tired of Small-Talk?

Small Talk

It's draining, isn't it? That's what small-talk is – effort. It's a tool we use to pass time and be polite, however pointless it is. Topics that often come up are the weather, the game last night, homework, how much you can't be bothered with the next lesson... Sound about right? Can you remember the last time you had a fulfilling conversation, one that didn't require monumental effort? If you're someone who naturally engages in epic conversation, save your time and go elsewhere. But ... [Continue Reading…]